Intro / Combo

Leotard and tights (any color).

Skirt and/or shorts acceptable.

Black Tap Shoes and Pink Ballet Shoes.

Hair pulled back neatly.

ballet & pointe

Black leotard and Pink tights.

Ballet skirt or black fitted shorts acceptable.

Pink Ballet shoes (canvas or leather).

Hair in a bun.

jazz contemporary modern

Leotard and tights.

Fitted shirt, shorts, and leggings acceptable.

Hair pulled back neatly.

Jazz — Tan Jazz shoes.

Contemporary — Tan Eclipse/Half shoe (canvas or leather).

Modern — No shoes.

T-shirt, shorts (with tights), and/or leggings.

Hip Hop boots or sneakers (different from every day shoe to protect our dance floors).

Hair pulled back neatly.

hip hop

Leotard and tights / T-shirt, shorts (with tights), and/or leggings.

Black Tap shoes.

Hair pulled back neatly.


CSDS Competition Team

ALL REHEARSALS: Leotard (any color) and tights. Shorts (with tights) and/or leggings acceptable. Appropriate shoes.

Please see your competition costume check list for the required shoes. Check lists will be sent home with the costume order forms at the start of the season.