This dance form, known for its grace and beauty, actually requires tremendous discipline, strength, and flexibility. Based on clearly defined positions of the body, training requires patience and repetition or many years to acquire the strength and refinement necessary to master this beautiful art form. 


intro / combo

Our introductory dance classes offer students (age 2 1/2-6) a chance to engage in dance technique while developing motor, listening, and social skills in a fun learning environment. Students are introduced to basic ballet, tap, and jazz technique to establish a strong foundation for further education in the performing arts. 



Pointe work is an essential part of upper level ballet training. Classes are for advance ballet students and include classical ballet training en pointe. 


The style of tap dance taught at CSDS is rhythm tap. Classes teach technique aimed at achieving good, clear sounds, while encouraging individual expression through rhythm. Dancers learn about musical structure and develop vocabulary.



Contemporary dance is very similar to ballet, combing the many technical elements of classical ballet with freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airer aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. 


Jazz classes expose students to the many forms that make up this diverse genre of dance.  Jazz classes consist of warm-up, center work, and traveling progressions, which are all designed to increase flexibility, strength, and technique. Classes will also include learning pieces of choreography, developing performance skills, confidence, and expression.



Modern Dance developed as a contrast to classical ballet, focusing on highly expressive and creative movement incorporating ethnic dances from around the world. Modern dance at CSDS explores a wide range of movement to a wide variety of musical styles. Classes include improvisational techniques and partnering.

hip hop

Hip hop is a high energy street dance that evolved in urban areas across the country in over the past 30 years. Class includes a warm-up, development of hip-hop movement vocabulary and a combination. Offered for youths and teens, both the music selections and the choreography are tailored for the respective ages.